Friday, January 31, 2014


 Who does NOT LOVE Bass pro shop during the Christmas season???? Our family loves the way they decorate.
 We love craft center.
 We really love sending letters to Santa.
 The boys just love the fact that they are at Bass pro shop.

 Britton loves all the toy displays.
 Here is J.D. trying to show Ashlynn the proper way to shoot a bow. Our family always laughs.  You know you are a redneck when the Christmas season rolls around and Ashlynn thinks thats the only place to go to meet santa.


 Christmas cookies before school???I think yes!!!
 My older kids were complaining they did not want to do christmas cookies .  At first I felt annoyed.  Then I decided to get over it and enjoy it being a more calm party. We watch the neighbor girl before school.  We decided to do sugar cookies before school. Fun way to start the day. No one complained that making cookies was lame they were all just happy.  That made me very happy.

 I realize this little miss is in most all pictures.  Thats because she still asks to have her picture taken.  She came in the house one day with the bow from thanksgiving stood by the tree and ask for her picture to be taken.  

 Last year we had a Christmas picnic.  Ashlynn loved it so much that one day we see her over at the counter cutting out stuff and making something.  When she is finished she comes over and informs me she has made reindeer  bags we are having a picnic.
 She even went and got a blanket to put out on the ground:).

 Most days have been sooooooo cold this winter that you would not want to go outside to play.  However we did have a day or so that snow was on the ground and you could actually go outside.
 Daxon started a really cool fort but never finished.  Doesn't he look like he is having fun.LOL

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