Friday, January 31, 2014


 Thanksgiving was so much fun this year.  We went home to visit family and that is ALWAYS a good thing.
 Ashlynn got to play with all her little cousins.  Not too many nights go by that she does not mention them.
 Granny made playdough!!!  This is something Ashlynn always looks forward to.
 It was so fun to see all the cousins.  Most nights the boys stayed at Grannys and Gramps. This saved all of us from going crazy at my dads house.  It was packed and rowdy boys made it feel like we were going to go crazy.  They loved the wii hookup and freedom they got being away and we loved the peace:). 
 These tables full of little people just make me smile!!!
 Hannah modeling for us.
 When all these boys get together it is a wonderful thing to see.
 They are silly, crazy, and full of fun.
 I love how boys tease each other as a way to show they are friends.  I don't love it so much when it is my own boys in my living room however.
 THis playdough kept the little ones entertained for hours.
 Jana brought stuff to make bow n arrows the kids had a great time with that.

 Some obviously do not love to be in pictures :).

What a fun time.  Family is such a blessing.  So THANKFUL we got to spend  time with them this year.

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