Thursday, February 20, 2014


Little Miss Ashlynn is 6 years old.  I do not sew a ton but I decided to put these pajamas together for her.   I had some material and stuff that was my Mom's and my goal was to only use stuff that I had of hers,  even the pattern.   I ended up using three different purple threads and some hot pink.  
(They all kept running out.) 
I even found a little birthday iron-on that I put in the corner.  My mom always made us Pjs with eyelet around the front.  These Pjs remind me of her.  They brought a HUGE smile to Ashlynn and were very fun to make.

I LOVE the expression!!!! Daxon wanted soooo badly to get his little sister a present.  As you can see, candy was a terrific idea.

Ashlynn is our little project girl.  She loves crafts, and PLAYDOUGH is a FAVORITE!!
Maybe not of mom's :) lol!  But hey, it keeps her happy!

I LOVE these 2 ANGELS.  When they are getting along they are so precious.

The other day I am driving threw the parent pick up line and I see this adorable little girl grinning at me from ear to ear. She has her snow pants on, dress boots, 2 hats and I just had to take a picture.

It was indoor recess on Ashlynn's Birthday.  Since I do the kindergarten recess, I decided to get a quick picture of her at school.  She loves learning and going to school.

The evening of her party we planned to stay home make pizzas and watch Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2.  However, when I was driving home from work, I heard the radio guy say the mall was going to have special visits from Disney Princesses.  They will have blow up castles and train rides all for FREE!!!!  As much as I try to avoid malls during family fun nights, this was a must attend.

It was crazy busy.  People EVERYWHERE!!!  One more great thing about big families though--we could all stand in different lines then call each other when one of us is getting close.  Some would say that it is cheating.  I say it's pure brilliance : ) .

J.D. definitely won--he was in the Rapunzel line FOREVER!

He is such a wonderful daddy he was happy to do it.

Ashlynn LOVED her legos and I loved that she had brothers who were so helpful with them.  Ashlynn brings so much joy to this family.  She is full of non-stop energy,  a little spoiled, at times a little naughty, but she is always  excited about life.  Ashlynn we LOVE you!!