Sunday, April 27, 2014

Britton turns 11

 This is a BIG BIG year for Britton.  He is in 5th so after this year he will be saying good buy to elementary school. A few weeks ago he finished the dare program.
During this program he was coming home with new exciting things to tell us about daily. I LOVE this program it is so beneficial to the kids at this age.
 Britton wanted CAMO and Duck dynasty theme for his birthday!!!  
He is such a great kid.  He makes me smile everyday.  If you find him the right book he can read for hours.  He loves to be around others. He is very much a people person.  He loves people.    He is a very loving kid.  Loves to give hugs, is full of kind words.  Does not like to be given a job!!!!  Britton has a great laugh.It comes from deep down in his soul.   Britton We LOVE you!!! 
 For Christmas he received a BBgun.  The temptation to shoot birds and bunnies has become INTESE around here. (Mostly from his brothers.  They use the gun so much he has a hard time getting his hands on it.) To help that we got him a target for his birthday.  Lets hope it helps.

 Turning 11 means cub scouts is OVER!!  We were working hard the last two months to earn the Arrow of light before the last pack meeting.  Hurray we made it. This was VERY important to Britton.  He really wanted to earn this award.  I was happy that he stayed so persistent.   He crossed the bridge and is officially a boy scout.
 I cannot believe after attending pack meetings for the last 9 years I am past that stage in my life.  I have to say I am not overly sad about this:).  It's funny when Riley became a cub I was SOOOOO excited for all of it.  I wanted to get the book, read it all, and accomplish it in a day.  I was overly excited about pine wood derby and pack meetings.  I can honestly say I LOVED everything about scouts. I take that back, I did not love buying scout shirts.  It about killed me!

I still LOVE everything about scout program. I am so thankful for the values scouting teaches.  A scout is TRUSTWORTHY, LOYAL, HELPFUL, FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, KIND, OBEDIENT, CHEERFUL, THRIFTY, BRAVE, CLEAN and REVERENT! I am thankful for the outdoor skills they learn and really the list is endless. It is simply an OUTSTANDING program to teach boys how to be MEN!

   I am thankful however to be DONE with pine wood derby cars and pack meeting every month.  I say that.   I do think I will miss seeing everyone every month at pack meeting it was a fun time to visit.  OKAY, I guess I am a little emotional about this season of life ending for me and Britton. With my other boys I never thought of it as a big deal because I still had other boys that were in.  
 Man,  I can't say it enough ...The days are long but the years are SOOOOO fast!!!!