Saturday, May 10, 2014


 This girl makes me smile and pull out my hair EVERYDAY!!  She is so full of passion towards everything she does that it makes her quite intense. It's also what makes her such a good girl.  I never have to worry about the decisions she will make.  She is very good at setting the family in order when she feels we are not doing things right.  That includes mom and dad.  This does not always go over so well with dad:).LOL I can't believe she will be 18 this year
She loves ALL her cousins too bits!!!
She is moving closer to all of them in September when she goes to SCHOOL.  She could not be more EXCITED!! Her Mom could not be more excited for her and nervous for herself.
 Jana has always loved Alyssa like her own.  

She is so excited to see more of her Grandpa and other Grandparents.   I think her grandpa made her PROMISE to never show anyone this picture.  I never made that promise:).

Today was Alyssa's Seminary graduation!!!! She worked so hard every year to get perfect attendance.  She got pretty darn close.  We left for a trip so she missed I think one day this year and was so upset.  I want to be like her when I grow up:).  
Show choir is one of her favorite,
Is her favorite part of school.  She will miss it.
It was always fun to watch her sing because of all the personality she has when she sings.  

Crazy how the years are flying by. Love this girl and the beautiful young
 lady inside and out she has become.

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  1. can't believe she is a senior. What a adjustment for you having her gone next year. Enjoy your summer with her!