Monday, October 31, 2016

PERU Arequipa mission here I COME!!!

 I really can't believe this kid is leaving on a mission.  He is ready to go.  He carries a spirit with him that fills an entire room.  His talk in church before he left,  he gave as if he was already returning.  He had so much confidence.   I just LOVE, LOVE Elder Phippen!!!!
 I have kept my mind from thinking about him leaving by putting together packages for him on his mission.  It cost a lot to send stuff to Peru.  He took a Halloween PKG, Thanksgiving, Greenie, and Christmas.  We had to go buy him some bigger luggage so he could fit the pkgs with his other things.:).  I am just so happy we were able to fit it all.  I was really nervous.  After all that planning and making sure he had everything he forgot his retainers:).  I guess we will figure out how to get those to him.
 I really love this kid.  He will have no problem living like a missionary.  He is obedient even when he does not want to do something I tell him to do.  He does it even if he complains while he does it.  He still does it.  He is disciplined.  He gets up early and works hard and you don't have to tell him he has to, he just does it.  He plays hard.  When he has put in his full day of work he knows how to have fun.  He loves people.  He does things just to make others happy. He listens to hear not to respond. He is just a great person.  
 Before we left to the airport he really wanted a DR pepper so that is what he got.
As my sister Jana said.  You can tell Ry has been set 
apart as a missionary in this picture.  He has a light around him.
 Checkin his bags.  The airport people knew he
 was a missionary and they were so kind and good to him.

 The long walk to the stairs where we all say
 good buy for 2 years
 I think missionaries are so brave.  
They really are my heros!!!
 I think we all hugged him and took a picture 
with him about 100 times
 This bunch of boys will look a lot older 
the next time they are all in a picture together.

 Here we have Ry being the wonderful big brother he always is.  Letting his 
little brothers know everything will be okay and all is well

 eventually the last hugs came.  

 Up the stairs he went

 You could tell it was much harder for us to say good buy.  He is ready to go.
  He is ready to serve. 
It is inspiring to watch these young missionaries have so much courage and go out and serve with all they have and all they are.

When I was growing up my mom use to always have this song playing.  She would all the sudden just start singing it.  Lately the same song has been coming to my mind and I have not even known why.  I looked up the song, listened to the words and I knew.

Here are a few words from it,

Dear Lord, who hears and answers prayers
Please keep Thy servant always in Thy care
As he prepares to teach his fellowmen
Please keep him safe and bring him home again
Protect him from all worldly ways
And always send Thy spirit when He prays
Give him the courage of a righteous man

Just hold him in the hollow of Thy hand.

Direct his footsteps everyday and keep him ever walking in thy ways. Inspire him as he spreads the gospel plan, Lord hold him in the             Hollow of The Hand.


Pumpkins & Beggers

 We decided to carve pumpkins before Ry left to Peru.

When we started the whole event he was on the phone. 
 Ashlynn decided to paint her pumpkin and we thought that 
would be the end of it.

When Ry was done talking however she 
decided he needed to help her carve hers.

 She was not sure she loved cleaning out the pumpkin.

  They all turned out so different and cute.
 Beggers night was a little strange this year.
Ashlynn was my only kid going out.  That has never happened. 
 JD went to work.  Britton and Dax passed out candy and watched the football game.

 We have these great neighbors who we roamed the neighborhood with.
When we got home Ashlynn took her candy downstairs
 asked the boys about the game  and 
just started letting the boys eat her candy.
It was adorable. 
 I was so impressed with her sharing skills.

Happy Halloween


 Ledges state park is one of the greatest places in Iowa.
It is so beautiful in the fall.
 As always Ashlynn is outside so she is smiling from ear to ear:).
 In these pictures we have Daxon trying to scare her with a toad
 As you can tell they are both enjoying themselves quite well.
 I love these pictures of Ashlynn.
She is trying to scare the boys
and keeps dropping the poor frog.

 It is crazy how girly and tomboyish she is at the same time.

I love how in so many pictures Daxon is just looking at Riley.
I am so thankful that they are such great friends.

So thankful we were able to fit this in this year. 
 It was a beautiful, wonderful day!

Oh, so random

 Ashlynn started dance for the first time.  She is happy about it,
the other day says mom, I like dance but...
 I need to be a gymnast. That is my passion. 
She also needs to take horseback riding lessons, have a dog 
and be in piano.   

The other day she made herself a reading corner. 
You can't tell in the picture but she has headphones on. She took my phone and made her own playlist.  I did not even know this could be done.  I had her teach me.:)
  She likes to listen to music while she reads and yes, she still can tell you what she read.
So cute!
 I love how much this girl loves to read.
Her favorites right now are a book called smile and sisters
She can read them over and over.

 Riley's friends mom sent me this picture. 
 I think it is a wonderful picture.
 Rileys last Sunday before his mission.  I come downstairs and these 
kids are nicely playing a game.  It made me smile!  
My sister Jana told me to buy the big picture apples to apples game.  The kids have loved it.
Ashlynn fell apart on us the night before Ry left on his mission. 
 He sat and played sorry with her and it seemed to be enough to calm her down. 
 Britton looks so cute in this picture helping take
 Rileys stuff out to the car.  The last few months Ry has taken 
Britton under his wing.  Played football with him and the 2 have just 
been really great friends.
 The other day Daxon wanted to go buy something for his fishing poles.
  I told him we will later.  He did not want to wait
until later and made this. He really did not
 want to smile for a picture but I made him. 
 Seriously this kids talent 
never seizes to amaze me!  
 We are sitting at the table having Sunday dinner when all the 
sudden Ashlynn grabs all her spaghetti with her
 hands and starts shoving it in her mouth.
Daxon picks up her nose as if she is a pig.
 I want to tell her no but she is laughing so hard I start to laugh and
 grab my phone to take some pictures of her piggyness.
 Pretty soon everyone except dad, who is
 NOT amused:) is laughing.
I am not sure what possessed her to do this.  If it was an everyday thing I would for sure be concerned.  I just think it was so funny how it was just so random.  This girl keeps me on my toes every second.  Love her

Kindness begins with me

 The other day our little missionary sent this picture home 
and can I just say it fits her personality perfectly!!!
Britton found some old home videos and we were watching them 
2 days ago.  She was about 10 so Britton was about 4.  
All the kids are getting ready to race. 
 Britton gets a head start, the boys take off but it's 
like she knows he will lose and she waits, he 
cries, she tells him it will be okay and
 has him race her then she lets him win.

The main things I hear from others in her mission is about the 
way she does kind things for them. 
 She is always looking for ways to bless others lives.
I know one thing is for sure, being her mom blesses my life every single day!