Sunday, October 30, 2016

Grandparents are the best!

 I can't believe what I am letting these 2 get away with lately.  Knowing Ry is leaving for 2 years I just cant seem to tell them no.  Dax has skipped school so they can take the boat and go fishing a few times and on this day they are going golfing.  Don't they look cute:).
 Riley's granny and gramps who are on a mission in Arizona received
 special permission to come and listen to his farewell talk.
We were all so happy they were here.
Riley gave an amazing talk.  He spoke with so much confidence and said such great things..

 My dad also came and we were able to meet him at the winter quarters temple.  Phippen's and us all did a session at the Temple together with Riley.  It was really a neat experience to all be in the Temple together. 
 This same weekend we did Rileys Eagle scout court of Honor.  He has had this finished for months.  He just has lame, slow, parents.  I am glad he does because it was really wonderful to have his grandparents with us to share this great event.


On eof the nights that JD's dad was in town they all went to a hockey game.  JD had arranged ahead of time to have his dad be the Military hero of the night. JD was pretty excited about this.  The boys loved seeing Gramps (or should I say the hero)be cheered for by everyone. It was a great time for all.

 Howells Pumpkin patch

This is another one of those places we have always loved.
We went with the grandparents and it was fun. 
However, I do not think we will return.
My kiddos are just too old.

 It seems like I am saying this in every post.
What is going on:)

Ashlynn loved braiding this ponies hair. 
 Hopefully they all come out. 

 It was a wonderful time having the grandparents here. 
It was fun to stay up late and visit.  It was fun to just have them around.
 The only bad part about it was it ended too soon.

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