Sunday, October 30, 2016


 This Summer Riley and Daxon were determined they were going to visit cousins and somehow going to Island park with or without me.
Riley knew he would not be seeing everyone again for a few years and his determination was not about to let up.
I am so glad it didn't because then I would not have this very precious picture of him holding my sister Trisha's baby Nash.  How sad would that be?
I am so thankful for this wonderful family who puts up with our last minute decisions to come visit. Not only do they put up with it they do all they can when we come to change schedules and make things work so that things are special for all the cousins. 
 Raelyn had a minute to win it game that everyone had fun playing.
 I had some leftover tutus and headbands from girls camp that the little girls LOVED!!

 Lacey brought gel pens and that kept kids and adults entertained for hours 
coloring and talking .
 How adorable are those cute faces!!!
 These boys were usually on a ride, eating or wishing they were on a ride

 Group pictures are the kids favorite thing we have them do:).  

 Elder Phippen, so happy we went to Idaho so we have this picture 
of you holding baby Nash:).

 Late night brownie free for all:).
 Floating the river.  This was quite the event.
Some boats tipped over, some kids thought they might drown but somehow we all survived:).

 Seriously, how adorable are these kids??
 So thankful all these boys are friends.

 Man, look at that amazing sky. That night we all went to the playmill  in yellowstone. The show was seven brides for seven brothers.  It was so much fun.  Ashlynn was laughing the entire show.

 I worried every time my kids left on this toy. 
(It's a problem of mine.) 
Thankfully everyone is still alive.

 Ashlynn just chillin.  
Another posed picture, enforced by the adults that love them:). 

It was such a wonderful week at the cabin.   
So thankful for family, memories and
 happy times!

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