Monday, October 31, 2016

Kindness begins with me

 The other day our little missionary sent this picture home 
and can I just say it fits her personality perfectly!!!
Britton found some old home videos and we were watching them 
2 days ago.  She was about 10 so Britton was about 4.  
All the kids are getting ready to race. 
 Britton gets a head start, the boys take off but it's 
like she knows he will lose and she waits, he 
cries, she tells him it will be okay and
 has him race her then she lets him win.

The main things I hear from others in her mission is about the 
way she does kind things for them. 
 She is always looking for ways to bless others lives.
I know one thing is for sure, being her mom blesses my life every single day!

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