Monday, October 31, 2016

Pumpkins & Beggers

 We decided to carve pumpkins before Ry left to Peru.

When we started the whole event he was on the phone. 
 Ashlynn decided to paint her pumpkin and we thought that 
would be the end of it.

When Ry was done talking however she 
decided he needed to help her carve hers.

 She was not sure she loved cleaning out the pumpkin.

  They all turned out so different and cute.
 Beggers night was a little strange this year.
Ashlynn was my only kid going out.  That has never happened. 
 JD went to work.  Britton and Dax passed out candy and watched the football game.

 We have these great neighbors who we roamed the neighborhood with.
When we got home Ashlynn took her candy downstairs
 asked the boys about the game  and 
just started letting the boys eat her candy.
It was adorable. 
 I was so impressed with her sharing skills.

Happy Halloween

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