Sunday, October 30, 2016

Twins, re-finish, Ya know your a redneck:)

 Ry and Dax both were working at the 
country club this summer.  This is me forcing them to take
 some pictures and them being  silly.
 One day we were at Wal-MART and
 Dax said hi to a kid. He responds " Hi Ry."

 I guess that happens all the time to these 2 crazy boys.  
I love seeing them all dressed up the same. 
 I haven't been able to dress the the same for years:).

 Conference Weekend
I love this picture of Britton looking all 
handsome for priesthood conference.
This is about the position the boys remain in during all of conference.
It is serious family bonding:).


 I decided to re-finish the dresser in the boys room.  
I told them I was going to paint it brown.  They were not happy about it!!
They wanted a flag on it.  I think they were kidding but a flag is what they got.
I tried to make it look all rustic and was pretty happy with how it turned out.


JD took just Britton out hunting one day and YAHOO
 this is what they came home with.
I was so happy that Britton got a deer on his first day out this year!
On the way home from school one day Daxon seen this deer on the property where he was dropping his friend off.  He ran and got his bow out of the car and we have another deer:).
Ya know your a redneck when you just have a bow in your car at a moments notice.
LOVE these boys!

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