Sunday, October 30, 2016

Utah with cousins 2016

 This is not Utah.  This is Grandpas house.  I just love this precious picture.  
Man those days slip by quick!
 Mark wanted to eat at the Lions house when we went to Salt Lake.
I am glad we did.  It was a fun place to eat.

Funny story, when we were looking for a place to park I really needed to use the restroom.  I could not find one fast enough.  I pulled into a gas station and they would not let me use the restroom. So rude.  I seen an office building pulled in ran to the doors and it was closed.  So I did what I thought I would never in my life do.  A man came walking out of his RV.  I looked at this as being an answer to a prayer.  I asked him to use his restroom.  He looked at me like I was crazy. Rightfully so.  He said yes.  He took his dog out and they waited outside for me.  The carload of kids I had were dying.  They could not believe what I had just done.
Hey, when ya gotta go, Ya, gotta go:).

  Walking around temple square was fun with this bunch of


 My sister Jana had the fabulous idea to do tie-die shirts for all the kids at lagoon. 
 They all looked so cute.

The older kids LOVED doing the sky coaster. 

 IThe adults were too busy giving them all the money to go on it themselves LOL
 Otherwise, they were totally brave enough:).
 Love my family
 Loved this trip
 Don't love amusement parks. 
But, this day was an exception.

 Family time is ALWAYS the best time!

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  1. That day at Lagoon really was so fun, sometimes our kids don't see each other for so long, but when there all together you would never know that. I love the bond they all have with each other