Sunday, October 30, 2016

Wait school can't be in, we aren't done with summer. 2016

 School has started but we are still loving 
Ice cream and Popsicle weather.
 I am not sure what Ashlynn is getting ready to bake here. 
I just love this picture of her.  I bought these aprons at a scout sale. 
I have a matching one.  She loves to wear it and bake.
 I cannot even tell you how bad this girl wants a dog.  
Her mom does not.  I would if I could find the right one, for the right price.
That would be free:).
She decides if she can't have a dog she will have a lemonade stand 
to donate to the ARL.  It went great!!!
I was so proud of her for thinking of this and putting it together all by herself.
We will just call her a little philanthropist. 

 We decided to go to the Omaha zoo again before Ry left on his mission.

 This is Daxon's I hate smiling for pictures face.

 We had a great time but I don't think we will be back for a long time.
Ashlynn still loves it but the rest of
My kiddos are growing up. 
 They just endure it.

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