Sunday, November 20, 2016


Woke up in the morning excited to have everyone home for breakfast.  As I began to tell the kids what I was making, Daxon wanted to know why we could not just buy syrup instead of act Amish and make everything?   Britton wanted to know why we could not just have German pancakes?  I told them they were the lucky winners of making breakfast themselves.  They were not upset at all, they were excited!!  Dax looked up a recipe for buttermilk syrup, Britton took out the Mingo family cookbook and made German pancakes.  Ashlynn turned up the tunes and went to work setting the table. Since the kids were so excited to do breakfast..
 I think we have a new tradition:). 

Bass pro shop Santa this year is truly amazing.  

Following breakfast J.D. wanted to go to Bass Pro shop to buy some Jerky seasoning.  Guess who is already at Bass pro shop?  SANTA!!!  Last year we went right before Christmas and ended up not seeing him because it was a 3 hour pass wait.  OUCH!!!
With 4 children who have outgrown visiting santa, 1 who is very close, I have seen my fair share of santas.  

This one just may be the real thing .

He didn't rush Ashlynn along because she was older.  I kept trying to and he just acted as if he had all the time in the world to visit with her.
He had J.D and I even come over and talked as if he actually knew Ashlynn. When she said she wanted a karaoke machine and art set, He commented on her love for singing and art.  He did not stop at that, he continued with details about her singing and art.  As we went to leave
I had to glance twice to see if he was the real thing.  He for sure had a twinkle in his eye as he
commented on Ashlynn growing up so fast and how proud he is of who she is becoming.
IF , you are a non-believer go visit this Santa. 
 He may just do the trick for you! 

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  1. he does look like the real deal. Love your family picture on your blog header too! Happy Thanksgiving!