Monday, November 7, 2016


 It seems like this kitchen always has a new creation
being made in it. Ashlynn insists on eating
 every hour.  PBJs are a favorite and she insists on making them herself.
Good thing she so cute!!!
 Dax cooked up some of the deer he got the other day. 
 We wrapped it in bacon and cooked it on the grill. It tasted amazing.  
 The entire family has been very thankful for these 2 boys and the delicious 
meat and jerky we have been enjoying thanks to them 

 Ashlynn was determined to make an imposter pizza the other day.
I did not know what she meant.  She explained it was a food that was a dessert.  She found a cookie recipe, mixed cream cheese and yellow food coloring to make a cheese look :). 
She really wanted strawberries for pepperoni but mangos
 and bananas were all we had so she improvised. 

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  1. Food food everywhere you look😀 I love all the pictures