Thursday, November 17, 2016


Kids are interesting people.  
At times we think our kids are a problem because an adult/teacher says they do not fit the mold.  What mold?  

Ashlynn for sure has a lot of energy.  She is non-stop movement. She does blurt out when she should be quiet.  Sometimes she is sitting there, and just bursts out in song. It's as if she will die if she holds it in one more second.  She has brothers, so yes, inappropriate things at times do come out of her mouth. 

I teach Ashlynn in primary.  She has a lot of energy to say the least. Many of the kids in my class do. I have shy ones who hardly move or speak. I have ones who hold still, but talk non-stop. I also have a handful who never stop moving.  They are climbing off the chair, on the chair, to the side of the chair.  
I have found it best to sit this group next to one another because the wiggles do not seem to bother another wiggler.
Just as this is true with children I have found it to be the case with adults as well.
 This group of boys right here is who Ashlynn spends a lot of her time with.  They are very high energy.  Daxon stands to eat dinner most the time.  I would not even notice except for the fact that his father is not a wiggler and it makes him crazy.  

Over the years I have received many notes home regarding the fact that my children are movers and shakers.  They don't fit the mold.  Can they not just hold still??  Can they not just talk in a quiet voice?  I have been thinking about the answer to this question.  

 I must say yes!!!  If, you gave them a different mother, they could indeed. :)
 But, thankfully God gave them to me.  I am loud , at times I burst out.  Over the years I have learned to tame this some in public places.  With each year of my life I get a little better at not being loud and wiggly. But plain and simple, I am most happy around people who let me be loud and wiggly.  

One day we went to Jordan Creek to feed the ducks.  This girl was smiling from ear to ear.  I turned around for 1 second and she tripped fell in. The smile was gone. 

 Life can be like this.  Smiling and sure of everything one second, crying and unsure of everything the next. 
 At parent teacher conference yesterday ,the teacher had Ashlynn fill out a questionnaire about her behavior. happily and full of confidence, she explained how she is doing in these areas.  Without missing a beat or stopping to say 1 positive thing to Miss Ashlynn about her answers, this teacher who says my child can be a problem, pulls out her same test with all lower answers and tells her she was been way too kind to herself.  The teachers answers are all lower. The teacher then begins to explain why her's are the correct answers.  
Is this really happening, I thought. " No wonder Ashlynn has anxiety coming to your class," was my thought.  It only took seconds for  Ashlynn to  act as if she is not listening. She changed the subject and began talking about something else in her portfolio book.  The teacher looked at me as if  wanting me to acknowledge this behavior.
  I want her teacher to see this is actually a protection mechanism for a child when an adult is being the problem.  

I know it is only an opinion but it is a pretty good one since it is mine, ha ha ha. I think that we like to label our children when they don't fit a mold.  They don't hold still enough. They don't make friends very well, ect.  I guess something must be wrong with them.

 In doing this we miss the very things that make them who they are.  We miss the things that they excel in and the things that make them wonderful and brilliant in their own quirky ways. 
 It is true some kids do actually have medical things going on.  But for many it's not a label they need, it's simply a personality they have .  Some fit better in a  classroom setting than others.

A few days ago I was looking in the boxes downstairs. I found notes from teachers to my oldest daughter. I found one to my son that ended with, he was even eating PAPER:). 

I think about how worried I was when they were growing up and didn't always fit the mold.  I look at them know and man I wish I would not have been so worried.  I love the way they are turning out. It makes me see that even the loud, wiggly, at times emotional and opinionated ones will be amazing and perfectly fine. 

 Yes, we need to teach them to behave, respect others,  show kindness and all that good stuff.  Then all we need to do is let them know we are the biggest cheerleaders they have.

When the world sends them a bad day, they need a soft place to fall and to know we LOVE them and to have us tell them "I really like the way God made you."
No matter what your challenges are today,


  1. amen sister! My kids are so wiggly too, but so is Josh and they are LOUD like Me. You know what!? My kids are incredibly happy, nice people (well most the of time). It frustrates me when teachers cannot help a child to achieve their best and instead point out their worst. You know Delaney's K teacher told me she was dumb and would never read. ! I wanted to punch her. I kindly explained that she should know all children are different and as long as she shows reading readiness (which she did) she would get it. You know what?! By the middle of 1st grade she was reading and excelling. Now she is the highest reader in her grade this year. Some teachers! Tell Ashlynn we love her just the way she is and not to worry what the teacher thinks!

  2. Thanks Courtney. We really miss you and your wonderful family in the Ward. I was so happy to see you keep your blog up to date. I love the Halloween costumes. Seriously the cutest idea I have ever seen.