Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thankful for AMERICA and the BLUE LINE

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With everything that has been going on in the news lately,
it's easy to start thinking that mankind is

When I turn on my TV, all I see is the news telling me
 how the whole world hates one another, everyone is in a fight against the 
winnings of one candidate or another.  Why don't I see this when I turn off the media???

My neighbor is very pro-Hillary, they do not like Trump at all.  Ashlynn is always telling them why Trump is better. We are still friends.  Ashlynn went to their kids birthday party yesterday.

It is true, we all do have our own problems.  It is also true that bad, mean 
 people who beat people up just because they voted for the wrong party 
do exist in the world.  But I believe those people are few and far between.
I feel, as a whole, that mankind is good.  Overall, people are thankful to be American no
 matter who wins the election. 
 We all go about our daily lives, live the laws, and care about the people around us.

Lately, I have felt overwhelmed by the blessing it is to live in such a great place as I do. I feel thankful to associate with the people who have stepped up and joined together when it really mattered.  

Recently a man killed 2 police officers here in Des Moines.  They were sitting in their cars and he shot them.  Thankfully, they caught the guy. But it was such a sad day.  It was so heartbreaking and my heart aches for the families and friends. 

On the day of the funeral, I was headed to Costco and all traffic was stopped on Jordan Creek Parkway. As I sat there, I started to become inpatient and wonder what the heck was going on why are we all sitting here.  Then I looked over at the overpass and it was lined with people and flags. Immediately I knew what was happening and my paridime started to changed. After about 10 more minutes, police cars and firetrucks started turning onto the freeway. I got on my phone knowing I would be here awhile. I looked around and noticed something.  I was the only one.
People just sat in their cars, humbled and with a look of deep thought.  They were not on phones and other things. This really sparked something inside me.  I knew all these people probably had more to do than I, and yet, they observed this moment with such respect.  

 As traffic started to move again and I came up over the overpass, 2 firetrucks had their ladders all the way out with a flag that went all the way across all 6 lanes of Jordan creek flying in the air.  It truly was one of the most solemn, patriotic sights I have ever witnessed. Tonight I went for a walk and everyone has blue bulbs for their porch lights, A friend of mine posted a picture and in her neighborhood everyone has lit up the street. Blue porch lights up and down the street, everywhere. Not just to support the ones who were killed, but also because they know her husband is a cop. Sherwin Williams donated blue painter's tape and people have a strip of it on the back of their cars. Costco has it in the store and workers from many companies have it on their trucks.  Our neighbor bought one of the new flags with a blue line and as I looked at his home with the 4 blue lights tonight, and that flag, I felt such a great joy/pride in my heart. I love the way the community has come together on this and let it make us stronger.  Often times, we watch the news and see all that is bad in the world even regarding this very topic.  But, man when we leave the world behind and open our eyes and look around at what the media is missing, for the most part we find people are soooooo good and they love one another and they care deeply about the neighbors. They rise to the challenge of life when it matters.  

We are blessed to live in this country. We are blessed beyond words to have police officers who will literally give up their lives to keep us safe if the moment requires it. 

Blessed to be part of the greatest nation on earth.
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  1. Such a neat experience, I'm glad you had it and I'm grateful for you sharing it! ❤️️💙

  2. Ok, I just read up several posts. So much is happening in your family! Love seeing all the mission pictures! I wish we could have been in Des Moines on that day but people around here have been very somber and patriotic too. Just so sad how the news wants to convince us that everyone is full of hate when I really see love and service all around me