Monday, November 14, 2016


 I am not sure when it happened.  I just know that one day I was telling my husband I needed to run away because I never had a second to myself to breath.  He ask where will you go?  I did not care, I just wanted a second that someone was not crying or needing and bam!!!!!
 Just like that in the blink of an eye I often have more time to myself than I want. I can't help but reflect on time.  Our family will not be all together again for maybe 6 years.  It is forever growing and changing.  I LOVE it.  I am excited for these children of ours.  The new stages they are in, the new experiences they are having.  I am missing the little things they did every day. Yet, looking forward to what exciting things come next.

 How are our oldest 2 kids on missions?????

 About a week ago I was a little sad for us to only have 3 kids for the holidays and then something hit me.  You know all those trips you never do because you can't fit in a hotel room with 5 kids and they only come with enough passes for 3 kids?  Let's focus on the positive and go.  Yes, I miss these 2 but they are doing wonderful things and they are happy.  What are we to do??  Be happy and go on vacation:).

For those of you still in the crazy stage of young little kiddos, enjoy each and every crazy minute. They are crazy but I promise they don't last!!!
 I don't think it will ever matter how long I live away from family.  
When the holidays show up I miss this.  
I love that these adorable little kiddos of ours grew up so to be such good people.  I am happy they choose to serve missions.  I love the fact that they love others and that they care about living good lives.  It really is true.

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Something about the holidays makes me think about childhood a lot.  I LOVED the holidays growing up.  I don't think as a child you have ANY IDEA the kind of work your parents put into making holidays magical until you grow up and realize they are not magical all alone.  Someone has to make them that way.   It is A LOT OF FREAKING work!!!  But I love it.  So excited for the holidays this year.  It is so fun to put missionary pkgs together for the holidays.

I am thankful for fabulous parents, family, cousins, grandparents who made my holidays so wonderful.
Something weird that I always do when I am homesick for extended family is I bake things my mom use to bake.  Often I don't even realize I am feeling this way until I have a very messy kitchen, music on my mom use to play and a menu of food my mom use to bake.  I think somehow it makes me feel close to her and I always LOVE that.

LOVE the holidays, 
LOVE this family of ours and all the wonderful changes that are happening!

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