Monday, November 7, 2016

Suprises that made me happy this week

 The other day  I went to the mail and found this adorable, 
wonderful package from my Sister in law Raelyn.
It made my heart so happy.

A few days later I received this book in the mail from my sister in law
Shari with the sweetest note ever. 
Once again my heart wanted to burst with happiness. 
 I am so thankful 
to have such fabulous people in my life.
 As I was getting ready to go to bed I noticed Ashlynn's
 light was still on.
I walked in to find her reading scriptures.
She was putting the scripture mastery stickers in the right spots.
  In the morning she says to me. Ya, know mom we could
 take me out of school and I could do these scriptures for one of my classes.  
I am learning so much Geography:).

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