Friday, November 18, 2016

Week 3 in Arequipa

Elder Phippen has been on a mission for 3 1/2 weeks now.  He is doing great. Singing in the dorms, tears shed from feeling the spirit, waking up at 3 am to welcome the new missionaries, and saying goodbye to the old ones who have quickly become new friends are all a part of the life he is loving so much. He  looks wonderful--if I do say so myself:).
 I love the new tie he has on that he bought in Peru.
We have a kid in Peru, crazy.

I looked at my husband the other day and it's as if we both had the same thought. . . "It feels like RILEY HAS BEEN GONE FOREVER."  

Missions cause the strangest range of emotions for parents.  You are so excited and happy that they are living this selfless life.  You are undeniably happy for them.  You know what they are doing is the right thing.  The weird part is, as happy as I am, I find myself waking up at night hoping they are doing okay. . .hoping they are happy. I'm just wanting to pick up the phone and say, "Really, how are you?" 
 I know this will get better with time.  I think that is because, with each passing day they are away, you know it is one day closer to them being home:).  
   One thing I miss the most about Ry being gone is watching Daxon and Ry together.  They are just so funny.  The 3 boys could laugh and talk for hours every night when they go to bed.  That is for sure one of my favorite sounds in the entire world.  

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  1. looks like he is having a good time! I bet the house is different with him gone!