Wednesday, November 16, 2016


For the first time ever Britton decided to take up wrestling this year.  
Last week he won his first match and this week he won his second. 
It has been fun watching him play sports this year. 
I was not excited when he said he was doing wrestling. I always thought it was a weird sport. 
I have found I  actually really love watching wrestling. 
I could be wrong but just the few times I have been this year it is a sport where the strongest or most talented is not guaranteed to win.  Those fundementals are important. However, the one who wants it most can overpower alot of the other. I think thats why I enjoy watching it. You can see the will to win in the kids faces. They both look at each other then as the match goes on, I love the strong determination some of them get to not quit. The match gets to a point you can see who will win not always by the skill, but the fight in the face. 

Britton also played football for the first time ever this year.  
He mentioned the other day he was going to do weight lifting in January:).
I love that he has decided to do sports.  Sports are so good for kids.  Teaches teamwork and dedication to finish something. Plus, it lessens the time they have to watch TV or play video games.
I wish this picture wasn't blurry I really loved  the look on his face when he won, it was priceless.


 Seems these days everyone on facebook is live.  They are recording themselves doing something.  I don't ever watch these but for some reason stopped at this one entitled "HOW DOES SHE."  She was making a Thanksgiving cake.  When someone in the comments asked what she was going to do with all the cake? She responded, I'm going to take it to my husbands work. The guys love it. 

 HUM, I've never sent a cake with my husband to work, LOL.   I decided I wanted to be a nice wife and make a Thanksgiving cake for my husband to take to work.  My kids all demanded a slice before he took it. 
Now I'm a nice wife and mom ha ha ha

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