Thursday, January 12, 2017

December 19, 2016 in Arequipa

Week 9 
Riley has been out of the CCM for about 
2 weeks and is as happy as can be.
I am not sure if the hat is just a tradition of some kind or part of a Christmas play:).

In the Christmas play Elder Phippen was a candle because he is tall, skinny, and white!!!

 This is the view from the Arequipa, Peru Temple plot.
 Volcano Mt. Misti

Here are his lovely living quarters:).

The moment all missionaries remember,
The first baptism:).

 Everything Riley has to say about his mission is how much he is loving it.
That is not a surprise.  Riley loves people and life.  He follows Elder Worthlin's advice as well as anyone I know,

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  1. what a lifetime experience he is having. Love the comment about him being the candle....tall, skinny and white!