Friday, January 13, 2017

Elder Phippen's first taste of Cuy

The other day I received a wonderful e-mail.
I LOVE it when people 
from my children's missions Text me, facebook, or email
 me to let me know how my children are doing. 
 Here is the e-mail with these pictures.
We are touring our sons mission. He trained Elder Calle prior to completing in October. Elder Phippen is doing great. 
We all had our first taste of Cuy  ( google it). 
I am from Illinois so it is good to see a Midwestern Boy. 
Feliz Nuevo Ano  

A few days later a gal requested to be my friend on facebook.  I was unsure who it was but figured it was a Spanish name and written in Spanish could be from Ry's mission, I better except.  So glad I did. 
She sent me these pictures.

I responded,

Thanks for the pictures.  I love them.

She responded,

"No entiendo mucho pero thank you"

I am thinking, I need to start responding in Spanish;)

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  1. He looks like he is having fun and smiling. I bet it warmed your heart receiving these pictures!