Monday, October 13, 2014


SO for school it was dress up like your HERO day.  Ashlynn did not need to think about her decision on this.  She wanted to be her big sister ALYSSA!  This made her mom very happy.  Some days you feel like you are doing everything all wrong then moments come along that make you feel like you must be doing at least one or two things right.  

 One thing I remember most about my mom is how she ALWAYS had a dish towel over her shoulder when she was in the kitchen or cleaning.  I did not realize this was something I did that often. One day I ask Ashlynn to come help me dry some dishes. She was happy to help.
 As she climbed onto the stool I handed her a dish towel. She then preceded to take out another. I said 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"  She responded,  "I need one for my shoulder so I can be like you."
It was a wonderful moment for me.