Monday, July 29, 2013

KINDERGARTEN ROUND UP and why I LOVE Iowa in the Summer

 Ashlynn had her first kindergarten adventure the other night. WOW, how the time flies!!  This is a BIG year for us.  We have a senior and our final kindergartener. To say this girl is excited would be an understatement of the year she is ecstatic.

I was pretty tearful for awhile.  How was I going to manage an entire day without seeing her?  A full day for a 5 year old seems SOOOO long.  I applied for a job at the school and YAHOO I got it.  Now I'll get to see her and Britton at lunch and recess plus have the same days off as them and my other kiddos.  What a perfect opportunity!

One of the MANY things I love about Iowa in the summer is the splash parks.  Went to Ashby park the other day and wondered how I have lived here  6 years without knowing about this fabulous park.

I love, love the blank park zoo.  It's not so big that it takes up your whole day but kills half of it if your sick of hanging out at home.  My membership is going to expire the end of next month so I need fit in as many trips as I can. 

These fish are kinda gross to me but seem to keep kids entertained forever!!!

I LOVE the new splash pad at legion park it is so much fun AS LONG AS you take buckets to keep your kids entertained. With buckets, hours of entertainment,  without the buckets,  the new toys are adorable it can get boring fast.

I LOVE that warrior lanes is doing free bowling this summer for kids! 

I LOVE Summer. This one has kinda kicked my butt and now that I'm finally getting into the swing of things it seems like it is almost at an end.  August 14 is way to soon to start school up again in my own PROFESSIONAL opinion:).  Give me 2 more weeks I might be singing a different tune.


 Alyssa had decided to run the color run this year and ask me to run with her group.  I said yes, yet had tons of anxiety that I would not be able to keep up with everyone in the race:) ha ha ha
This is NOT that kind of RUN!!! This run would be lucky if it actually was as they say a 5k.  Running, YA no one runs the color run.  If they do they are few and far between.

 When they say fun run they mean fun run:) People are dressed up and tons of kids and strollers.
 We had a fabulous time and I'm super happy Alyssa talked me into joining her.  We had a super fun team and great time!!


 The other night we had some friends who were moving to Hawaii over for dinner.  Ashlynn was IN LOVE with the little baby.  A few days later they were at a baptism we were attending.  Ashlynn could not stop looking at the little baby.  She looks at me and says, "mom when can we have another baby?"  I smile and tell her she is the baby.  No more babies for this household.  A couple days later in the store we see a pregnant lady and Ashlynn yells "OH, no fair, look at her she gets to have a baby."  She says that when she see's prego people and people with babies.  It is pretty darn funny.  She might need a puppy one of these days:).

Friday, July 26, 2013

Raccoon River

 Raccoon river can be a little bit freaky, and Germ infested at times but hey, my house is a lot the same way.  LOL , I guess that's why we kinda like hanging out at that park.

 I convinced Alyssa to even go with us one day. That cheesy smile isn't from eating too many of the  Cheetos Daxon is holding... IT is a sincere look of how much she loved it:).  This little raft we bought in Idaho has been such a fabulous purchase.  Not so much at raccoon river but at Grays lake they go all over the entire lake with that thing.  They get a few odd glances but hey were the Phippens and never seem to notice in that it happens a lot.

 The little girl I babysit and Ashlynn are  competing  all the time.  Its pretty funny.  I think they both made it up this spiderweb speedier than any other kid.  Just so as to win each other. 

These next few pictures are what you call having fun due to pure BOREDOM!!!!!  They didn't want to go to raccoon river but were sick of sitting around the house.

It wasn't  long after arriving I'm hearing this is so dumb and boring.
next second this is what they are doing.
I can't remember what those boards are called but once again a fabulous purchase before LAKE POWELL last yr.  I think my kids use them on a daily basis.  Mostly Ashlynn and the little neighbor kids playing in the back yard but they are rough with them and they still are not broke.  Anything that doesn't break in a season around this place I count as a fabulous purchase.

 CHEETOS and DORITOS, who doesn't love those super awesome chips when your playing in the water?  Your kid gets all orange and you don''t even have to clean them up, just tell them to go run in the water and your work is done.  LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


 Every year the parade becomes more and more interesting. This is due mostly to the age difference in my children.  The dynamics of how they behave and what they feel the purpose of the parade is for is different every year.  Before it started Ashlynn found a family with 2 little puppies and decided they should be her puppies.  We had a hard time getting her to leave them alone.  the family was very nice about it.  I wish that girls(Ashlynn's) mom would just buy her a dog.  I know she will be a vet or something that works with animals someday.  She adores animals.

 This is one of my FAVORITE pictures.  Alyssa has her wal-mart bag is a few weeks from being 17 and is standing next to me complaining that the kids are crowding and she can't get candy.  I about died laughing.  As hard as I tried to keep that laughing under my breath I fear I failed miserably .  I love that girl!!!
 The boys ran around the corner from us where they were the only children around.  They hit the JACKPOT in the candy department.  ALYSSA should have followed them:).  In these 2 pictures I told them to smile.  Alyssa said I didn't get any candy hardly, I'm not smiling.  This guy yells with this silly face do what your told.  It made the kids all laugh.  It was funny.
 That night we went to some friends where we had fabulous food, fun friends, the missionaries were over so we got to hang out with them.  Water balloons, badminton,   and just a great time. 

 J.D. turned the big 40 this month.  Man where does the time go.  We all went out to visit him near a park where he works for lunch that night we had a BBQ.  It was a great day. Love this picture.  Ashlynn  can get J.D.  to do just about anything she wants for her.  Bad thing is she knows it. We Love you JERS!!!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

National Junior Olympic Racquetball Championships

 Last month Daxon & Britton had the opportunity to participate in the National Junior Olympic Racquetball Championships.
 They have had so much fun practicing at the Y and at Oakmoore in preparation for this.  Iowa had a pretty good number of participants this year mostly due to a man by the name of Don McCormick who coached and helped everyone of these kids at little to no charge.  What wonderful people this world has in it!!!
 He simply has a passion for the sport and wants to see more kids playing.  It was so much fun to be part of this competition for the week.  The kids attending this were from all over the country and the talent was INCREDIBLY INSANE!!!! 
 Britton won this cool bag then his sly covetous brother convinced him that he should have it--mostly due to the fact that he is older and has more stuff to put in it.  

Daxon won first place in the white division.  It is the lowest division, but hey, for only playing 6 months, he was happy with it.  The day he won, after arriving home, J.D. asked him to do something.  His response was" the national champion needs to rest." 

Saturday, July 13, 2013

DAM 2DAM & becoming a TEENAGER!

 This was a HUGE year for Daxon.  He trained hard for the 20k Dam 2 Dam race here in Iowa.  Jers trained with him and I was very happy about that.  The first half he was training alone and I did not like him going out running alone.  Daxon was amazing.  He would map out the different training routes he wanted to run on Google map the right mileage, then head out to run. Rarely did he miss a day.
 Him & his dad had a great time being part of this. At first Jers was forced into this wonderful opportunity (LOL) due to the fact that I worried about Daxon running alone.  I think in the end however J.D. was happy about the opportunity:).
 Daxon became a TEENAGER!!!  What a great kid he is. He loves to work hard and be challenged.  This applies to outdoor and recreational NOT HOUSE chores. He prefers to never do chores.  However when he actually does he does a fabulous job.  Daxon is always watching people.  It is true that although at times he really knows how to push peoples buttons, he has a very tender heart.  He likes to do his best.  If I am leaving, I know that if I bribe him he will ALWAYS take the best care of Ashlynn.  He is great with little kids.  He loves fishing, hunting , racquetball and anything that involves being with dad.  Happy Birthday Daxon, WELCOME to the teenage years!


 I am a little behind but wanted to make sure I had documented that my last preschooler has officially GRADUATED from pre-school. 
 In Waukee the police department puts on a week long program of teaching kids safety.  Ashlynn loved this as well.  The first day when I went to pick her up the police officer says to me, "Do you know what your daughter said her favorite thing to do in her spare time is?"  Nervous I ask what?  She responded, "shoot deer."  OH MY!!!
She had a fabulous week.  For the record ... She has never shoot a deer!