Tuesday, December 27, 2016

iMac Crash

This post will make me sound shallow.  I mean, we are talking about a computer, not a person for crying out loud.  I'm telling you what--when it is your family computer and you put your life on that baby, it becomes part of the family.  Shallow, yes.  I may be, but the unthinkable happened.  Our computer crashed about a month ago and it was a crisis for me. I cried about it, yelled about it, freaked out about it and may have eaten a little too much food to compensate my feelings:).   It put my life into crazy mode.

 I always think those people who back up computers all the time are crazy.  It's a computer, they are like magic.  In the movies you can get everything and anything off a computer.  Well, ours crashed and they could not recover it.  WHAT? How is this possible???  We lost a lot of stuff.  Files, programs, our budgeting system and a lot of pictures were lost.  Through it all, I discovered that I am a very spoiled person.  Tears flowed many times as I  tried to function without the iMac. I was so in love with my Mac.  I am still not fully functioning due to the things we lost.  I grow very attached to certain things.  Pictures are one of those things. Many pictures are on my phone still, thank goodness. I love pictures so much because,

"You never see the hard days in a photo album, but those
 are the days that get you from one snapshot to the next."

This awful event has a silver lining however. It reminded me that no matter what happens in life we are not alone.  We really do have angels among us who watch over us, love us and bless our lives.  
(Thank you Shari, Granny and Gramps for being our angel in this event.) 
I am thankful for the angels in my life who present themselves so often.