Thursday, November 12, 2015

The NEVER ending kitchen remodel!!!!

In March we decided to remodel our kitchen.  We had some water damage.  We got the bid back and thought ,WOW, for what a PROFESSIONAL can  fix  this small area we can re-do the entire kitchen OURSELVES!!!!!!
Never mind that we have NEVER done this kind of work before.  It will be fun we thought.  A bonding activity we thought!!!!!!
Fun it was.
Having my fridge in the living room for about 4 months was SUPER fun!!
One night I was determined to move that thing back to the kitchen.  I got it stuck between the stove and counter. 
That was really fun!!
Most of the things I did trying to be helpful were very fun for JD. He got to fix them. 
Very bonding indeed LOL.;)

After taking everything off the walls.  I decided I would take a few pictures of the before.

 After spending way more than anticipated.  Mostly due to FIXING our mistakes OVER and OVER. 8 months later we are ALMOST as done as we are going to get for now:).
At the beginning we were going to take out all the oak and paint. 
Ya, we are not.  We are both very happy with this decision.  We are ready to be done working on this kitchen!
JD has a schedule where he is home part of the week. With just he and I being home and the kids being in school we have gotten more done in 3 weeks than in the last 7 months.  It has actually been fun working together without needing to stop every 5 seconds to do something else.
Maybe it has just been more enjoyable because of the bright
                                                         light at the end of the tunnel!
If I stick to schedule I will post re-model pictures in about a YEAR ha ha ha!!

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