Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Thanks for all our shirts JERS!

Whats UP?

Riley making dads famous carmal brownies from a BOX. Sorry Jers you are the only one that can make perfect brownies in our family by scratch. We r missing them.

Riley running around the house crazy with Ashlynn

Ashlynn LOVES Lacey's dog nana. She has No fear.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We had another BBQ the other day & it was so fun. Ashlynn loves being outside when everyone else is

She has gotten so good at her balance on a trampoline. The other day at Scott & rae's she was on with big kids being tossed around and thought it was great. She did not realize even that it was not safe.

THIS IS her nicely EATEN Or NOT eaten plate of food. She never eats anything just makes a BIG mess with it.

This picture does NOT do these marshmallow's justice they are HUGE. We were at win co the other day & Daxon wanted them so I bought some & they are literally the size of 3-4 other ones they say to use a whole graham & Hersey's bar

The boys LOVED cooking them over the awesome fire they built & they loved that Grandpa came out and hung out with us.

This is the boys TRYING to eat one of these delicious hot smo's

Raelynn had everyone out to her house Monday night for a party for Travis. it was so much fun. The food & company was great . Ashlynn LOVES their dog Annie. She just thinks she is the greatest.

Raelynn had us all play this crazy game with a yarn & spoon. You tie the yarn to the spoon & 2 teams stand in a line & each team goes down their shirt & pants WEIRD I KNOW & then the next person goes up. Then you have to undo whats done the 1st team done wins. It was really crazy & fun.

Everyone loved watching Travis open presents. The cake & ice cream were divine. The cake was cream filled YUM!


Enjoying the new presents Travis got for his birthday.

Wendy put Ashlynn & Annalyn in the wagon & pulled them around they loved it.

Britton loved playing basketball. I was sad because my Dad was out playing with him & I ran to get my camera and my dad left before I got back. Britton loved this hoop because it went low enough it made him a pretty great player

These are the amazing flowers J.D.s sister Kelli sent me. I think they are so gorgeous LOVE LOVE them.

Riley had a concert tonight & he looked so nice & did a great job.

He has really enjoyed band this year & it was fun to go watch him play. On the way home he was funny he looks at me & says so do I get a shake for doing so great. I said sure he got triple berry.
This was not suppose to happen this way. Daxon & Riley had been running around the house with Ashlynn on their backs & she LOVED it & was laughing so hard so I get the camera & wham I am surprised someone is not dead. CRAZY KIDS! The sound in the background right before it turns off & ALL heck breaks loose is me FAVORITE? part.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

CrAzY SiLLy wOnDErfUl DaY

This day started out with the post below I guess I was in a picture happy mood today. I mean this is the only way Jers gets to see us so pictures are good. Ashlynn Loves Mac n cheese but today she was being so crazy with it and eating it more like a dog than a little girl.
I kept saying put your bowl down & she would laugh & think it was so funny.

MOM & ASH being SilLly

The other day I tried so hard to get 1 picture of ashlynn looking in the camera. She was not having it so we started taking pictures together & she thought it was soooooo funny. We were both laughing so hard. I guess we get really bored around here.

Ashlynn has the silliest personality. It is her way or no way. Lets pray we can keep her going in the right path so that strong stubborn will of hers works miracles for her.

This picture cracks me up because I am trying to get 1 picture with her of her own choice looking in the camera & she is reaching for mac n cheese. Man life would be so boring without her around.

Her favorite spot for cookie making ON THE COUNTER!

Don't worry the cookies we eat & give away do not have her little treat stick in them. When we are done mixing I let her go to town on it. Its her favorite part.

I am trying to get rid of chocolate chips so that I am not tempted to eat them & so these cookies had an OVERKILL of chocolate. The kids & their friends did not mind.


Ashlynn brought this shirt & swimsuit top up to me & wanted them on . Then she would NOT let me put her pants on & next thing I know she is on the table watching CMT & dancing it was too cute. Even though she should not be on the table.

The kids had their friends over and they LOVED it & so did I. They were happy & got along it was wonderful.

The 2 boys are from triplets. How cool is that. The other 1 is a girl so she was not with them.
Britton got this marble thing for Christmas & it has proven to be a great find. It keeps him & others entertained for hours.
In fact Daxon & his friends even came in to play with it because they thought it was so fun. I love that kind of toy the kind that isn't 2 seconds after they look at it they never do again.Ones that stay fun are becoming more & more rare

Alyssa had a concert & it was fun to go & watch. She had a solo & she did a great job. The song is too long so it won't post though or I would put it on here. She loves choir & singing.
I wish this picture wasn't blurry because I think she looks really cute.
Ashlynn still DANCING the day away.

Last but not least Riley doing 0ne of the things he loves to do best play computer. Some days kids are so much work & they just KICK your butt. But when you step back & look at the big picture man they are so wonderful to have around. They make every moment the kind that takes your breath away. I just LOVE being a mom! Tomorrow I may be crying because of it but hey that's life, you gotta take the perfect moments with the ones that make you want to scream right?

Still Dancing & twirling because that's what little girl's do best!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sugardoodle has THE cutest little projects on it for this poem. The cutest one I haven't cut out yet & done but its all in color & so cute. Ashlynn has loved these projects because of the animals.

This one in the bag is her favorite. She carries it around & sings the song it is so fun.

It gives us something to entertain her besides t.v. which she does way to much of.


Mothers day was a great day. We had my favorite spaghetti dinner, Visited J.D.s family which is always fun, when we got home some of the cousins came over & it was fun to hang out with them. It was a beautiful day which is a rare treat these days. The boys stayed entertained outside which is always a great thing.

I think they loved that the dads and grandpa joined in the fun.


The kids have LOVED blading lately. Well Ashlynn wants to join & is not quite big enough. This upsets her very much. Well Britton with his HUGE heart does not like his little sister to be upset about anything,

So he shows her how to put them on. Then proceeds to put them on her & after she falls a few times she gets mad hits her cousin is sent to time out gets even madder crawls on the recycle bin. Thinks its fun & cute until we make her get down

Then she does what she ALWAYS does when she is told NO

SCREAMS! The girl hates to be told no. She is stubborn as a mule & keeps us on our toes. That is why we LOVE her so much. You love those you serve & she gives us new adventures & things to laugh at every minute of the day.

Britton was so excited to see Toby. We have not seen Wendy & Todd's kids FOREVER it seems like. They had lots of fun together.

Riley came up in this outfit today and was so excited to be wearing his Iraq shirt & army shorts. He sure misses his dad.

Ashlynn wore her Iraq shirt to bed last night & slept better than ever maybe its a good luck charm.

Alyssa has a concert tonight & is so excited. She loves choir.

This is Ashlynn refussing to come back inside after taking a picture this morning. GOTTA LOVE HER!