Tuesday, September 27, 2011


The little PJs Ashlynn has on I bought 4 pair for the winter at Costco. I love them, as does she. The other day it was raining and I look out the front window to see Ashlynn sitting in her chair watching Britton do tricks with his skate board. It was pretty darn cute. I especially love the brown shoes she has on the wrong feet with her PJS.

I don't know what it is about the Fall months, but when they arrive I gain a LOVE for certain flavors. Cinnamon, Cloves and Ginger are some of them-all of which go perfectly in these delicious gingersnap cookies:)
( 3/4 c butter flavor crisc-1 c sugar- plus some for rolling-1 large egg 1/4 c molasses-2 c flour I always need a little more-2 t bkg soda-1 t cinnamon-1 t ginger-1/2 t cloves-1/2 t salt) mix roll in sugar bake at 350 8-10 min or until just set around edges and you start to see the edges crackling on top. Do not overbake these have a great crispy outside texture melt in your mouth inside texture. If you overbake they are just crispy but still good in milk:)

So, although I am NOT a fan of getting up in the morning or running to the church before 7 A.M., I have to say you can't beat the sky at this hour of the day. It is Beautiful!!! Every morning as I pull out of the driveway, it is a different scene & I find myself actually getting excited to see what the view will be. It is amazing how different every morning's view can be. With it getting darker I will truly miss this part of the morning.

Ashlynn & I got this cute little book at the library, then printed the things from it off the internet. It has been fun for her to do her own little stories. It its adorable for Halloween. We have had a blast with it. It is a fun Halloween project if you are looking for one:)

If you do not have this CD you should get it. It is adorable. We LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
It is fun for the little kids & the older ones get a kick out of it as well. JD enjoys it and his scouts always ask for it when they are driving to activities.


Alyssa wanted to go to Homecoming this year with her friends. I decided that since she went to Minnesota with her friend to help her chose a dress for the dance, she should get to go with her. J.D. was not sure he agreed-since he thought she should be 16 and have a date. After talking to a few other parents (apparently kids go stag with friends to homecoming around here) he was on board. He even bought her corsage. She had a great time, but said dinner was the funnest part due to the fact that the dancing was not appropriate most the time. which makes it different from a church dance where the dancing is always appropriate (I THINK:).

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Lately every day I find myself thinking of things I just love about the day. Things I am excited to do, make and take part in. #1- I am LOVIN being a mom. Motherhood has many phases and this year as my kids have been gone more & more with school activities I find myself missing them a ton. I miss the Summer days of hanging out at the pool & just having the laughter of kids in the home. I love weekends when they are home however they are more often then not wanting to leave to hang out with friends but hey I will take what I can get.

#2-I am lovin the Fall weather. I LOVE our fire pit & having BBQs out back. The other night I found left over sparklers from the 4th- glow necklaces and we had a BBQ & played kickball it was a great night. However I think we need to work on purchasing some outdoor furniture the little table just doesn't quite fit our family anymore:)

#3- The zoo I think I love the zoo more than my kids do so they go to humor me. This year the zoo has some great attractions. My boys favorite is feeding these fish and trying to catch them. KINDA GROSS!
MY FAVORITE FAVORITE is the parakeet exhibit. You buy this little stick with food on it for a dollar go inside this cage thing and hold out the stick. The birds come flying all over you & it is so awesome.

The kids all loved it. It kinda freaked Ashlynn out but it was funny to watch.

I actually loved it so much that I paid for it twice.

#4-If you have a world market how fun is this pasta. I'm LOVIN it. They also have a FAll bag with leaves. I thought it would be fun to make with a white alfredo sauce so you could see the shapes. I LOVE the holidays the decorating, the crafts, the fun food I LOVE it all!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Over Labor day weekend J.D.'s sister Wendy & her family came to visit. We were so excited & loved having them stay. Ashlynn is still saying she wants them to come back. They arrived late Friday & we headed to the Iowa Cubs game.

Britton & Alex were great buds. Britton drove with Wendy & Will EVERYWHERE. We went & clued them in on the facts about Iowa.

Wendy & I took the little ones home early and left the other children with the "ADULTS."

Britton doesn't know it isn't nice to give bunny ears to your cousin in a picture:)

Saturday morning it was pouring & we had football games to go to. The older boys left early & these little ones played with the play-dough I made a few weeks ago when Ashlynn was missing her Granny. I took Ashlynn to the dollar store and let her pick out about $10 dollars worth of stuff to use with her play-dough & it has been some of the best money ever spent.

After taking this picture, Alyssa took her camera for the weekend. & Ours wasn't working, so the rest the weekend spent at the science center & hanging out, we will just have to remember. It was so fun to have them visit. Thanks a million, Will & Wendy, for driving all the way to see us.