Friday, January 31, 2014

Christmas eve 2013

 We all had so much fun on Christmas eve.  
 A family had us over with a bunch of others.  We all brought different foods and treats.  We ate and visited. Then the kids all did the CUTEST little program EVER!!!  It was so fun to watch all of them and I know the little kids all loved it also.

 Britton felt very important as you can see.
 After the little one the big kids did a program also.
 I LOVED all of it.  I LOVED all the little kids.  I loved the big kids.  I love Christmas and nice people who let me be part of their fun holiday traditions:).
 It was a great night and I know all the kids felt the spirit.

Merry Christmas to all.

Christmas from Dad!

 Obviously this picture doesn't have to do with Christmas.  FYI she is a senior!!!  How did that happen?? When did I get old enough for this??As I post all these pictures I am kinda sad at the fact that Alyssa is not in any of them. She was not in most the Halloween ones.  She is always gone to show choir or something.  Ashlynn is my baby I am with her always.  My oldest baby Alyssa is graduating this year and slowly disappearing from home.  I realize this is the way it is meant to be.  I realize as parents we would not want it any other way.  We want our children to grow up and leave the nest.  We want them to go to school, have goals and be successful.  As a mother however it does not make the fact that you miss them change.  It does not make that hole you feel in your heart at the very fact that this is happening, they are leaving and rarely around hurt any less.
 These 2 love treats as much as their momma does:).
 For Christmas this year my dad sent money to each of the kids to do some serve for someone else with.  We decided to help with the Christmas eve dinner at one of the shelters in town.
 We made lots of brownies and homemade rolls.  It was such a fun family project.
Thanks DAD for helping us be nice:).
 On Christmas eve we always open presents from Grandpa.  Ashlynn was very excited about her new shrinky dink machine.
 Britton has proved to be very talented with k nex.
 Daxons present seems kinda lame but truly he begged for them.  Slippers from american eagle.

 We got a steal of a deal on an under armor sweat shirt for Riley.  He has worn it most every day that it's not in the wash since.
 This girl is ALWAYS cold!!!! She received flannel sheets, sunglasses and lip gloss.

 Everyone had a grand time playing with the new gifts.  I am thinking next year however Dax might need the shrinky dink maker:).  That boy loves anything to do with detail.


 Who does NOT LOVE Bass pro shop during the Christmas season???? Our family loves the way they decorate.
 We love craft center.
 We really love sending letters to Santa.
 The boys just love the fact that they are at Bass pro shop.

 Britton loves all the toy displays.
 Here is J.D. trying to show Ashlynn the proper way to shoot a bow. Our family always laughs.  You know you are a redneck when the Christmas season rolls around and Ashlynn thinks thats the only place to go to meet santa.


 Christmas cookies before school???I think yes!!!
 My older kids were complaining they did not want to do christmas cookies .  At first I felt annoyed.  Then I decided to get over it and enjoy it being a more calm party. We watch the neighbor girl before school.  We decided to do sugar cookies before school. Fun way to start the day. No one complained that making cookies was lame they were all just happy.  That made me very happy.

 I realize this little miss is in most all pictures.  Thats because she still asks to have her picture taken.  She came in the house one day with the bow from thanksgiving stood by the tree and ask for her picture to be taken.  

 Last year we had a Christmas picnic.  Ashlynn loved it so much that one day we see her over at the counter cutting out stuff and making something.  When she is finished she comes over and informs me she has made reindeer  bags we are having a picnic.
 She even went and got a blanket to put out on the ground:).

 Most days have been sooooooo cold this winter that you would not want to go outside to play.  However we did have a day or so that snow was on the ground and you could actually go outside.
 Daxon started a really cool fort but never finished.  Doesn't he look like he is having fun.LOL


 Thanksgiving was so much fun this year.  We went home to visit family and that is ALWAYS a good thing.
 Ashlynn got to play with all her little cousins.  Not too many nights go by that she does not mention them.
 Granny made playdough!!!  This is something Ashlynn always looks forward to.
 It was so fun to see all the cousins.  Most nights the boys stayed at Grannys and Gramps. This saved all of us from going crazy at my dads house.  It was packed and rowdy boys made it feel like we were going to go crazy.  They loved the wii hookup and freedom they got being away and we loved the peace:). 
 These tables full of little people just make me smile!!!
 Hannah modeling for us.
 When all these boys get together it is a wonderful thing to see.
 They are silly, crazy, and full of fun.
 I love how boys tease each other as a way to show they are friends.  I don't love it so much when it is my own boys in my living room however.
 THis playdough kept the little ones entertained for hours.
 Jana brought stuff to make bow n arrows the kids had a great time with that.

 Some obviously do not love to be in pictures :).

What a fun time.  Family is such a blessing.  So THANKFUL we got to spend  time with them this year.


 Football season ended.  Daxon and Riley loved every minute of it.
One day when I picked them up I smelled something sooooo bad I wanted to gag!!!! Seriously you could hardly stand to be in the car.  I thought it was from outside at first.  When I realized it was them. I thought, man you boys must have worked hard today. No wonder they always wanted to eat everything in the ENTIRE house when they returned home.

 I love this picture. Ry volunteered to make cinnamon rolls for seminary.  He is a dang good cook.  So I told him that was mighty nice of him and had him make them.  They turned out delicious. I love how he is wearing a football Jersey  and baking:).

The halloween dinner at the church this year was really fun.  I always love seeing all the different ways kids find to dress up.

Ashlynn always thinks she should be hangin with the big kids.

I love Emily making the funny face in the background.

I love how we have this one microscopic tree so the kids decide to play in the leaves from it. Kinda funny.  These pictures are a sign that WINTER in on the way!!!!NOT FUN!!!!

One day I was out running errands and Daxon took the time to carve this pumpkin.  I was way impressed with his mad skills.
I love this picture.  Britton is such a perfect brother.  He loves Ashlynn like crazy and teases her even more:)!!
Ya, My oldest 2 probably should not be trick or treating.  I decided I didn't care however if they want to dress up and head out with friends more power 2 them.  We all become adults way too soon and have to be mature and responsible all the time.  I say for the most part, when you are young, as long as it is in keeping with the 13th article of faith why not.(We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul-We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things). 
The kiddos take home this year was around 30 pounds!!!!!! Jers took a bunch to work and the guys were way happy.  On to Thanksgiving!