Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful To KNOW!!

 As I was looking for a few ideas for Ashlynn's primary talk, I came across a blog. As corney
 as it may sound really touched my heart.  I can't imagine NOT knowing the things I know through being a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.  I can't imagine not knowing that I would someday see my Mom, Grandparents and other loved ones again.  I can't imagine thinking that this life was it.  It is so easy to take for granted  the fact that I know these things because I have ALWAYS known them.  I can't remember a time I did not know them deep in my heart.  To read that others may not even realize many of these truths our church teaches,  well, it was humbling to me.  I am SO thankful for this article and blog today! This is her blog. Her article below is worth reading.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Finding the Family Proclamation on the Passenger Seat by Angela Fallentine

"Several years ago as a single adult, I was living and working in Washington, D.C.  As is customary for all vehicles in that area, I needed to get my car inspected in order to pass the appropriate safety and emissions standards. 

I arrived at a garage one afternoon to find the lineup for inspections about 8 or 9 cars long. It was a beautiful spring day, so I rolled down the windows, turned off the car and pulled out a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World, which I kept in my car along with some other church material for times such as these. My stake president had recently counseled each member to commit it to memory, so I thought this free time allowed me the perfect opportunity to do so. 

Eventually, my turn came to get my car inspected. One of the men who did the inspections told me he'd drive my car into the garage and asked me to wait in the adjacent waiting room until it was completed. 

Time ticked on and as I watched other customers come in and out, my heart began to sink thinking that something must be very wrong with my car for it to be taking so long. I was working for a non-profit organization at the time and money was scarce. With each minute that passed, the heavier my heart became.

After what felt like a lifetime, the gentleman came into the waiting room from the garage with the receipt saying that I passed the inspection and to please pay for it at the cashier. 

What a relief! I walked out to where he had parked my car and found him waiting. His eyes were full of intensity when he asked, "Miss, miss, can I please talk to you for a minute?" I responded that it was fine, and then he proceeded to share some words which I will never forget. 

"I want to apologize for taking so long with your car inspection. You see, when I drove your car into the garage, I noticed a document on your passenger seat. I was drawn to it and instead of bringing your car back to you, I sat in your car in the garage reading it over and over again. What is this church? What is this document about the family? Can I have a copy?  It said that it was written by apostles.  Do you mean to tell me that there are apostles and prophets here on the earth, just like in Jesus' time?  Please, please, I need to know." 

I was almost speechless, but gathered my thoughts and began testifying to him that there are indeed prophets and apostles here on this earth, just as in the time of Jesus Christ.  I told him about the Prophet Joseph Smith and the restoration of the gospel, and part of that meant that we have a living prophet and apostles today.  I proceeded to give him everything I had in my car related to the Church, and the conversation ended with a sincere expression of gratitude from this kind and humble man.

As I drove away, tears filled my eyes as I realized that it was not by chance I left a copy of The Family: A Proclamation to the World on my seat that day. 

I have never forgotten that experience, nor the look of eagerness in that man's eyes when asking if there were apostles and prophets on earth today.  It was a powerful lesson on following promptings, sharing the gospel and the reality and power of modern revelation."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

HALLOWEEN is a WONDERFUL time of year

I LOVE the month of Halloween. Every year is a little more different for me.  When our kids were little Halloween was spent with tons of family eating soup, visiting grandparents, relatives and friends.  Once we moved to Iowa it was spent with kids walking around the neighborhood the day BEFORE Halloween.  Now it is spent with kids going all different directions.  Ashlynn is really the only one who stayed with just mom and Dad all night. WEIRD!!!

Britton even ran the neighborhood with his friends.  When he would see us he would act as if we were strangers and keep on running.  Can my kids really all be getting this big?  How CUTE are these kiddos???  I Love to see all the little and big kids dressed up on Halloween. Soo Cute!
 As you can clearly see by the year on this can of apples they are OLD!!!!    We had opened them.  My kids didn't like them they were no longer crisp.  I was ready to toss them when a friend said to make apple crisp with them.  WHAT??  I really need to learn how to use my food storage items.
 For Family Home evening we did just that.  It was obvious that it wasn't fresh apples but it was good and I felt all domestic in that I used dried food storage items to make a dessert:)

 Ashlynn had a  preschool thing the other night. The kids were all excited to get to go and see what she has been doing.  She loves her school!!! I love all the cute little songs she comes home singing from school.  I also love that on cold days the teachers come out and get her and I never have to get out of my car:). WOW that sounds kinda lazy.:) Still very true!

 Not sure why this is upside down.  If you have not read this book at Halloween.   Next year do!!!  It is so FUNNY!!
 The boys cannot get Ashlynn to stop BEGGING them to  
with her. It is pretty cute to see them outside.  Her trying to tackle them.  Them laughing at her trying to be so tough.  It doesn't matter what the weather is she just wants to be outside.  I love it.  The boys can be watching TV or something and all it takes is her saying common please,  they just can't turn her sad face down so outside they go even in the dark.

My friend in Granger has this little music class she does.  It is the cutest thing ever!!! She had the kids dress up for  Halloween week and do SPOOKY songs.  Ashlynn loves it.

I Love the little weird things TJ MAXX always has around the holidays. I usually don't buy the food but I thought this one was pretty darn cute. 
BUY this cute kit that keeps Ashlynn quiet in the store, come home and make it, Ashlynn thinks its so fun to bake with mom, kids and the neighbors come home to a treat and thank you a HUNDRED times over for being so nice and it only cost 3 dollars.  That's a deal!
I LOVED the party the mutual had for the primary kids this year.  I thought it was adorable. 

I Love how Daxon is looking at his Dad in this picture.  It makes me smile.

Alyssa bought this crazy expensive costume to wear to school.  She decided it was worth the cost because she could wear it all month long.  She didn't wear it the rest the month.  I bought this Jacket whatever ya wanna call it at a garage sale for $2 dollars.  OKAY to be fair , this is why I say it was crazy expensive. I am TOTALLY cheap!!!! I wondered if I wanted to spend 2 dollars on the jacket. Alyssa decided she would be a spy or something.  I Love her she does something that makes me smile every day!

I Love her because she is still young enough to think its fun to share candy!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


The other day as I was waiting for Ashlynn to get out of preschool I came across a recipe for apple butter.  Sounded kinda weird but I kept thinking about it and decided to try it out.
The recipe was 8 apples cored and sliced
cinnamon to your liking
put in crock pot for 4 hrs on high
add 3/4 cup organic 100 percent apple juice i used store brand.
stir cook 4 more hrs on high
blend in food processor
Can I just say this surpasses anything I thought it might taste like.  It is TASTY!!!!!
The other day I put it on those 100 calorie thin buns toasted with this cheese.  I ended up having it for breakfast lunch and dinner.  My kids did not share my love.  I had to cook for them,  they wanted a REAL meal they said!!!  Whats not real about apples, cheese and bread for dinner:). The person who poster it puts it on her toast and in her oatmeal.  I have no idea what blog it was on or I would give her credit:).   If you want to make something that taste like FALL this is it:)