Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 Of course my birthday:)   It was a great day.  In the morning Ashlynn came into our room and said, "MOM it's your birthday,  I can't wait to go downstairs and see."  Well she didn't realize that I was the one who decorates for birthdays.  I don't do it all up for myself.  She let J.D. know the second she discovered an undecorated kitchen that MOMMY NEEDED at least a happy birthday sign.  So across the kitchen was a sign "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY."  I love little kids.   Jers bought me awesome presents this year.  I have been wanting some workout clothes but can never bring myself to splurge on them.  He did and I LOVE THEM and I LOVE him even more!!!!!  He took the day off and took us all out to this restaurant that is an hour away just because I have really been wanting to go there.  He let me take my time all morning being slow--taking time to workout, talk to my Dad, and just be slow (much to the dismay of the children wanting me to hurry up).  I have to say I agree with my most FAVORITE blogger EVER when it comes to birthdays.  MOMASTERY.  She turned 36 the day before I turned 37.  She stated in a post, "You know, people talk a lot about how they don’t want to get older. I could not agree less. Teens- nightmare. Twenties- terrifying. Early thirties- still cared too much what people thought of me. Now…36. I am telling you- I am just starting to relax into life. I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin. I LOVE getting older. I feel a little less afraid each year. "  I ECHO ECHO ECHO!!!

One of our funnest days of spring break was the day our nice friends let us tag along on a bike ride with them.  We had so much fun.  We stopped for a picnic.  We started to discuss rolls & bread.  I let her know how 1 out of 5 times I make bread or rolls, they might turn out right.  When we got back to her house she gave me a bowl and taught me how to make the most delicious rolls.  Instead of rolling them out, she dips a snake like piece in butter, cinnamon sugar , flips it around her finger like a pinwheel and sticks it on the pan.  They & the rolls were AMAZING!!! My kids are still talking about them.  I LOVE talented people who are willing to teach me:)  The kids had a great time running around.  It was a great day!

Monday we had some extra kiddos here all day.  They were PERFECT!!!!!   I could watch kids that are so well behaved everyday.  I loved that Ashlynn got to play with little kids--something she loves to do.  I miss having little kids around.  I love having big kids, SOOOOOO much easier.  But still it's nice when Ashlynn gets to build forts, make sand castles, make messes, build lego towers and have picnics in the basement with kids who WANT to do this and think it's fun (not just her older siblings who are being made to as part of their weekly job) :)

We had never gone downtown to the parade.  This year, due to the outstanding weather, we decided to try it out.  IT WAS VERY LONG.  it was fun though, something to do, and the kids got tons of necklaces.  They were even passing out bacon.  I thought that was NASTY, but my boys thought it was AWESOME!!!
If the weather is good we will definitely go again.

We LOVE having fires.  Always a highlight.  The other kids had left to the front yard to play basketball. These are our 2 pyromaniacs.

I will do part 2 when I find my camera.  I have looked everywhere with no success.  This is a scary thing for me.  Wish me some LUCK.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


 Ashlynn LOVES PINKALICIOUS!!!  I LOVE PINKALICIOUS!!!  We read any and all books that have the color PINK on them--SPARKLES, PRINCESS, etc.  The other day we decorated a little, made a few pinkalicious cupcakes, made some pinkalicious crafts, played PINKO and painted our nails pink with sparkles.

During the week I found this TOTALLY PINKALICIOUS  necklace idea on this(http://www.howdoesshe.com/children-birthday-party-ideas)  -super cute website.   It was SUPER fun to make.


 I found this adorable game on the internet as well.  I would LOVE to give credit where credit is due, but I have NO idea where I found it:)

 One of Ashlynn's favorite games is PINKALICIOUS UNO.  We play it over & over.  The library just got in the cutest new Pinkalicious book.  It comes with the c.d. and is called "THE PRINCESS of PINK TREASURY."  ADORABLE, I must say.
We made cupcakes in the evening and bought all the treasures to decorate them.  I told Ashlynn she could help me decorate them if she went straight to bed.
SHE DID.........

 However she woke up at 4:30 A.M. BEGGING to put cherries on the cupcakes.  LUCKILY, I had most of them already done and she was happy to just do the other ones.  The kiddos, even the boys, were excited to eat them for breakfast.  YA.  I'm one of those healthy MOM'S.  They have eggs and flour in them, and if I send them to school with the red 40 dye in their systems, the teachers can handle the behavior and hopefully they will be calmed down by the time I get them back.  LOL:)
(P.s. we also had pink berry bagels with strawberry cream cheese;  not just cupcakes:)

                  PINK IS BEAUTIFUL
  "The very pink is perfection."-Oliver Goldsmith


Friday, March 9, 2012


 I LOVE how she LOVES girly things.  Anything with glitter or diamonds she loves.

 The other day I walked into the bathroom to find these little notes next to the toothbrushes.  Alyssa has written one for each of her siblings--even ASHLYNN, who doesn't read.  I thought that was so sweet of her.  I mean, what teenage kid does that?
 Before Christmas I had to do some last minute shopping.  I asked Alyssa if she would hang out with Ashlynn in the play-land for a few minutes.  She happily agreed.  After 15 minutes I could not find what I needed.  I went to the play-land to find Alyssa and Ashlynn nowhere.  I called Alyssa and she did not answer.  Well it's Christmas and I'M ON A SCHEDULE!!!  I searched everywhere I can think of and cannot find them.  FINALLY she returned my call.  I reprimand her the ENTIRE way home. I explained that it shouldn't be that hard to stay in the play-land for 10 seconds with her little sister.  But no, she has to go do her own thing.  She said nothing except "I'm sorry." On Christmas Eve she gave me this purse.  I HAVE WANTED A NEW ONE FOREVER AND SHE KNEW IT!!!  She said, "Merry Christmas."  I said "OH my, this is where you were that day isn't it?"  Yes, was her reply.  AT that moment, I feel like the worst, yet LUCKIEST mother in the entire universe.
 Alyssa LOVES music.  She loves it with all her soul.  I wish I could put her in every music class, voice lesson, piano lesson she ever dreamed of.  She never complains that I cannot.  She just improvises with what she has. Plays piano for hours on end as she teaches herself with the few lessons she has had.  She loves being in whatever choir she is in. She loves whatever musical part of the play she is in.  She is a spoon and a village extra in Beauty and the Beast right now. Our whole family if super excited to go.
 I love how excited Alyssa gets to go babysitting.  She is always excited to put together projects and activities for the kiddos.
She wants to be a photographer when she grows up so she is always dressing up Ashlynn and taking her on little photo shoots.  Ashlynn loves it.  She is just a great kid.  She brings lots of DRAMA, THOUGHTFULNESS, EMOTION, PERSONALITY, TENDERNESS, MUSIC, SINGING, MORE MUSIC and LOVE to our home.